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Training: Company Emergency Response Provider (repetition)

Day Training - €90, -Excl. VAT

Content of this training

Company Emergency Response Provider – Repetition – according to the Working Conditions Act, every company is obliged to provide good business assistance. This allows immediate intervention/handling of emergencies, a fire or any other hazardous situation. The number of Emergency Response Providers within an organization depends on the size of the company and the potential risks. During this course, you will learn to act in the case of medical necessity, fire, resuscitation and how to use an AED.

An Emergency Response Provider Diploma is valid for 1 year, after which it is possible to follow a refresher course. The course lasts from 8:00 until 16:00. You do not have to follow a physical exam for the diploma. Our instructor decides if you are skilled enough for the diploma. Of course we will take care of lunch, do you have a certain allergy? Let us know when you sign up, we will make sure there is an alternative.

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Day course
P.C. Staalweg 70, 3721 TJ Bilthoven
2nd Thursday of the month
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